A Gräper Gallery
All photographs are Copyright © 1998 Bill Lynch. Used with permission.

Dr. Graper, late 1970's, sitting in front of a PLATO IV terminal (note the orange gas-plasma screen) in the Education Building PLATO site at the University of Delaware.

The famous "Darth Vader" shot of Dr. Graper, taken by placing his head on the glass of a Xerox copying machine.

Another shot of the Education Building's PLATO site, circa 1980. Note the Control Data IST-1 PLATO terminals on the table in the foreground. Note the PLATO IV and PLATO V terminals (with their orange gas-plasma flat-panel displays) on the tables by the walls. Note that nobody's using the CDC terminals. :-) I suppose there was a reason they used to call it the "friendly orange glow"!

A rare comic strip drawing circa late 1970s.

Another shot of a late 1970's Dr. Graper sitting in front of a PLATO V terminal.

What!? Are you whining!?!

Why is this man smiling?

Alongside the Music Building at the University of Delaware, late 1970's.

Fear and loathing in Newark, DE.

This would make a great imprinted image on a mouse pad.